Where to Get Updates on the new iPad

Where to Get Updates on the new iPad

Looking for specs and new features on the new iPad? So are we!

We’ll be tuned in at 12 pm CST (10 am San Francisco) to get all the details on Apple’s new awesome. Here are some of our favorite places to tune in.

Gizmodo:  Typically the most up-to-the-minute updates, with minimum editorializing as the new features are unveiled.

Ars Technica: Great coverage, reliably served up.

uStream – Livestreaming’s always a sometimes thing for us here in the Sawtooth. There’s enough wireless bandwidth streaming out of the ceiling to cook a turkey by holding it up in the air. But our past experience has been that the servers that serve up the live video for Apple events quickly get snowed under on days like this. Here’s hoping that advances in cloud-based storage and redundant server farms clear up the lag that makes a building full of nerds scream out in pain every time it buffers.

Engadget:  Along with Gizmodo, quick updates and servers that have been, in the past, robust enough to handle the load.

TUAW: Also great. Keeps current and also makes the liveblog stream available after the event for those who need to acrtually get work done today.

Personal preference: I like using Chrome to have multiple windows open, especially if we’ve decided to watch on one of the Sawtooth Building’s large screens.

So that’s where we’ll be tuned in. And as soon as we know anything, we’ll share.

Thanks for reading.

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