Space Balloon is GO!

Space Balloon is GO!

Recently a team of Griffin employees and friends got together to do a little science. After a few months of research, gathering of materials, assembly, and a little felting, we launched a weather balloon into near space.


We launched our balloon from Jackson, TN anticipating an Eastward flight path to avoid landing in the Smoky Mountains. Our payload included an iPhone 4 for GPS tracking using the Find My Friends App, an iPod Touch programmed for timelapse photos, a Canon PowerShot A410 also taking timelapse images, and finally an additional Action Shot camera attached at the base of our parachute cable taking video. We also had an altimeter which measured our max altitude at 86,390 feet. Commercial aircraft typically fly 35,000 feet.


Most of this has been done before, so what makes our little craft special? Well, it wasn’t enough to be inspired by our favorite astrophysicists Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson… we had to include them. In felted form and fastened to our payload with gaffers tape, Carl and Neil traveled to near space and survived to travel another day. ^RachelK


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