Samsung Galaxy Note8’s Absolute Best Features…and How to Protect Them

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note8 is impressive. Period.  But after dropping north of $900 on the maxiphone, you’re going to want to keep it safe, right? Here’s a run-down of our early lineup of options for Note8.  And make sure you read to the end to find out how to score a sweet freebie with any pre-order.

Note8-ScreencareA Next-Level Screen Deserves Next-Level Protection. – One of the Note8’s most obviously impressive features is its stunning 6.3-inch Infinity screen. Unfortunately, a revolutionary screen won’t do you much good if it gets damaged. Our Survivor Glass Screen Protector is top-notch screen protection for your Note8. Survivor Glass is tempered for extra protection against cracks, and 9H scratch-resistance tested.  Add a lifetime guarantee and there no reason not to get Survivor Glass now and have it waiting when your Note8 arrives.

TA43871_Survivor_Clear_Wallet_Great_BlkClr_01Do Bigger Things. Carry Fewer Things. – While the 6.3-inch screen will strain the limits of most back pockets, we’re looking at it as an opportunity to carry much less, and even to ditch carrying a separate billfold. Our Survivor Clear Wallet combines 4-foot drop protection along with a folio cover that protects Note8’s screen when you’re not using it. Open the cover to access slots to carry your ID, bank cards and a bit of cash, and you’re set for the day.

TA43877_Survivor_Clear_Great_ClrClrClr_01Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off. – The Deepsea Blue Note8 is dead sexy. And it’d be a shame to hide it inside a case on the first day, right?  It’d also be a shame to drop and dent the corner of your new Note8. That’s why we expect Survivor Clear will be one of our most popular cases for Note8. Four-foot (1.2 meter) drop protection that practically disappears when you snap the case on, Survivor Clear is so thin you’ll forget it’s there.

TA43872_Survivor_Strong_Great_BlkGry_02Stay Strong. – To keep your Note8 safe, you’ll need to be Strong. Survivor Strong that is. Survivor Strong’s dual-layer approach to protection snaps on to deliver protection from 7-foot drops onto concrete. But it’s slim, too. And the abrasion-resistant exterior is easy to grip.  So if you’re among those who use your Note8 one-handed, you’ll still be able to do so.

Want In On Something Free?Pre-order your Survivor case and screen care now so it arrives in time for your new Note8. And if you order before September 15th, we’ll send you one of our premium, Guaranteed for Life USB-C charge/sync cables free.


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