Five years of mobile devices

Five years of mobile devices

Photo from Flickr by: KapungoThere’s a great post on Mashable today by Christina Warren about the last five years of mobile devices. It’s a fantastic look at: The Rise of the Touchscreen; The Socialization of Mobile; Broadband in Your Pocket; There’s an App For That; and The Future.

Warren concludes:

In five years, we’ve transitioned from keypad to touchscreen, from 2G to ubiquitous broadband, from social as an afterthought to social as an intrinsic part of the mobile web and to a world full of app stores. It’s impossible to predict the next five years, but imagine that mobile devices will continue to get faster, consume less power and slowly but surely supplant workstations and notebooks.

What do you think?

How do you picture our phones in the next five years?
What was your first mobile phone?

Photo from Flickr by: Kapungo

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