Which adapter goes where?

Which adapter goes where?

Steve McGurn When you purchase a product like PowerDock or AirCurve multiple Universal Dock Adapters are included to fit different devices.

Each adapter includes a small number to indicate which device it’s for. However, if you lose our packaging you’re left guessing what each one is for.

Steve McGurn @mtl_steve was kind enough to point this out yesterday on Twitter. He made a valid point we didn’t consider.

I mentioned this to our lovely support department (who rock!) and they were kind enough to whip up a chart today. In case you’re wondering, we use the same adapter numbers as Apple.

Now there’s no need to be stuck guessing. Thanks for the suggestion Steve!

Universal Dock Adapters


  • Digitalkl

    which idiot said that the aircurve didnt fit the iPhone 4?

    • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

      This idiot. :)
      Why? Are you somehow able to make it fit and still amplify the audio by 10 decibels?