3 Free Ways to Extend Your iPhone 5 Battery Life

3 Free Ways to Extend Your iPhone 5 Battery Life

Like many, I’ve found that while the iPhone 5’s performance and screen are amazing, its battery life felt like it was somewhat less than my trusty iPhone 4.  Scanning the blogs and fora proved to be little help.  Lots of complaining, some generalized grousing about “LTE is a power hog” but little real data.

So I went digging around.  And what I found was staggering.  Of 177 apps on my iPhone 5, 60 of them had Location Services enabled.  Foursquare I get.  But Lightmeter?  Scrabble?  Angry Birds?

So here’s what worked for me.

1) Disable every App currently using Location Service except Find my iPhone and Reminders. Then turn it back on for only those apps that need it.  Setting>Privacy>Location Services.  You’ll need to turn off each app listed individually.  Take care NOT to simply turn Location Services off as Find My iPhone doesn’t work without it.  Turning off each app forces your iPhone to ask you to Allow Location and you can make an informed choice for each app.

2) Disable LTE.  Unless you’re using it as your primary internet connection and have no serviceable WiFi, LTE is a power-intensive way to stay connected to the internet.  I like my Facebook updates quickly but not enough to sacrifice battery life

3) Turn off Bluetooth unless you need it.  (Unless you’re using Beacon, SmartTalk Solar or some other Bluetooth-utilizing product).  Here in the Sawtooth, we have so many keyboards, remotes, laptops and other doodads that use Bluetooth that my iPhone is like a castaway gulping down seawater.  Turning off Bluetooth forbade my iPhone 5 from searching for any Bluetooth port in the storm and made my battery happier.

With all of these things enabled, I can almost watch my charge ebb before my eyes.  In the 45 minutes I’ve been working on this post, I’ve dropped from 92% charge to 79%.  I’ve just put all these changes into place and will report back later on what difference I notice.

What are your tips for increasing battery life in your iPhone 5? Comments are open.    –^WebW

6 responses to “3 Free Ways to Extend Your iPhone 5 Battery Life”

  1. Thanks for the tips

  2. SAZ says:

    STUPID, still the battery life sucks!! Worst phone ever from Apple

  3. AJ says:

    How do you disable LTE?

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