Three Great Apps To Take Outdoors This Weekend

Three Great Apps To Take Outdoors This Weekend

This Saturday marks the beginning of National Parks Week. By the number of mud covered jeeps and trucks in the Griffin parking lot, you can bet we’re a wilderness loving bunch. (Imagine a group of sexy tech-smart naturalists . . . like a whole building of Bear Grylls and lady equivalents.) At 5pm you can watch a swarm of Mossy Oak Survivor-clad devices accessing our map/trail/park apps to begin our weekend adventures. It is Free App Friday over on Google+ so we are sharing a few of our favorites that we use when we go wild.

For the avid hiker or the occasional day tripper we like All Trails Hiking & Biking app. Full of great paths, the app includes information on distance, difficulty level, average time, user reviews, and more. Available for Android & iOS.

Share your nature photography using the Photo Share App  by the National Park Foundation. This app is basic but makes it easy to quickly upload and share images.

And lastly, an app that I personally use a lot. While the basic National Parks app by National Geographic is free, you do have to pay for the in-depth guides. That being said, it’s only $1.99 for an individual guide or $12.99 to download all the guides. That’s less than a printed guide book for one park, and it weighs a lot less! The guides give you access to secret info about the parks, hidden spots, photo tips, what to look for, and what activities the park offers.

Get off your rear and get your apps outside. If you need me, I’ll be in the Smokies. ^RachelK

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