Soft Reset your iPod or iPhone

Soft Reset your iPod or iPhone

I asked our technical support and customer service manager, Rachel, what question our support team receives the most. The #1 issue is that the iPod/iPhone and third party products do not always communicate well.

For example, she explained that occasionally customers will hear the iTrip take away the static on their radio, but won’t hear their music. In these situations a soft reset should do the trick. Here’s how to soft reset an iPod or iPhone.How to do a soft reset

iPod Soft Reset

With the iPod plugged into the iTrip (or other hardware) and the iPod turned on, hold down the “Menu” and “Select” buttons until an apple appears in the screen. Then you can let go and wait for the iPod to restart.

After it restarts, try playing a song and see if the iTrip works. You may need to perform the soft reset two or three times. This resets all communication between the two devices.

iPhone Soft Reset

Press and hold the “Home” and “Sleep/Wake” buttons at the same time until you see an Apple logo appear on the screen (ignore the “Slide to power off” prompt). Then allow it to restart and see if it works.

A soft reset fixes iTrip problems, but also problems with charging docks, remotes, speakers, you name it!

Of course if you’re ever having trouble with any of our products we encourage you to contact us.

Photo from Flickr by: Tomás Rotger

6 responses to “Soft Reset your iPod or iPhone”

  1. Aplikasi Mikrokontroler says:

    How about Nokia phone?

  2. Dave Delaney says:

    There's a few links available on a Google search:
    I'm not familiar with soft reseting Nokia phones though.


  3. Thanks for this information. Apple don't make this kind of stuff very well known. I'm not surprised!!

  4. Sergio G says:

    Thanks for this information !! It’s really works!

  5. Dave Delaney says:

    Happy to help Sergio. Thanks for your comment.

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