Make sure your charger is the real deal.

Apple recently announced their USB Power Adapter Takeback Program, to deal with customer safety issues related to counterfeit products in the marketplace. Here’s how you can avoid purchasing counterfeit products.

mfiCheck the Box. For example, Griffin Technology is one of the original members of Apple’s Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad (or MFi) program. When you see the MFi logo (right) on our box, it means the product you’re buying meets rigorous safety and testing standards laid out by Apple.

Check the source. Make sure you buy from a seller you trust. As long as you buy your charger from a trusted retailer like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or directly from our website, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You can find a complete listing of Griffin retailers in your area here.

Check the price. If a deal seems like it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

If you think you might have ended up with a counterfeit, make sure you check your charger before you head down to the Apple Store. Apple’s Takeback Program only applies to wall chargers at this time. If you have a counterfeit cable or car charger, it won’t be covered under Apple’s program, but you should still stop using it, just to be safe.

We hope this information is helpful. Counterfeit products are an industry-wide problem, and Griffin is committed to working along with the rest of the industry in combatting counterfeiters on all fronts. If you have any other questions, get in touch with our world-class Customer Support Team.

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  2. Sasan Pnouri says:

    thanks a lot dude,I cut a little wire and bend it over and over and dropped it just the way you said and it worked,awesome!

  3. Christian Lagerkvist says:

    Incredible! I was about to throw away my 8-year old Apple Wireless Keyboard when I stumbled upon your post in a googling act of desperation. Thanks a lot!

  4. NicholasABC says:

    Can you eat the gum?

  5. j_rasberry says:

    yes! it works. I used aluminium foil, at first flat, and still didn’t work. Then I balled up a small piece and dropped it in. Pressed the button and light up right away. Thanks for the tips!

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