iOS 5 camera tip

iOS 5 camera tip

Camera appHere’s a handy photography tip to quickly access your photos from the Camera app.

Fahan Firouzian writes:

When you are on the camera on iPhone or iPad on ios5 software you can just swipe left right and you can see all your pictures.

This tip is especially handy if you want to review a photo of people posing for you. You can check the photo quickly before requesting they pose for another one (perhaps one with both eyes open).

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  • Cheribfree

    The Olloclip for iPhone is awesome…gives u the ability to do wide angle or fisheye and macro…love macro cause I love detail:)

    • Dave Delaney

      Thanks for the tip!

  • domingo13

    Just tried this. And maybe I am dyslexic or have my terminology wrong but if I take my finger and swipe it from the left to the right I can see the last picture taken. If I swipe from the right to the left the camera app fights with me. So when you “swipe left” is that from right to left (which doesn’t work) or vice versa… On another note for those that do not know or forget double tapping the home button will bring up the media controls and a camera button.

    • Dave Delaney

      Ha! You’re right. It is from right to left. I’m correcting the post now. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

      Great tip on the home double tap too. Thanks for including it.