Screen shot of our IFTTT Recipe

IFTTT is our new favorite awesome.

Anything we can do to get more out of the web by doing less ourselves is a good thing.  Which is why we’re in love with IFTTT.  It’s not especially new, but we love the way it takes some of our favorite web services and daisy-chains them together to do brand new things.

There’s a lot of reasons to like what IFTTT can accomplish.  Not the least of which is low-pressure/low-nag alerts from people like us.

Screen shot of our IFTTT Recipe

If you’re an IFTTT user and you’d like to find out when we post a new video, you can simply add our YouTube alert recipe to your IFTTT account.  We don’t store your phone number … only IFTTT knows.  And you still get the quick, up-to-the-minute updates when we drop a new video.  Click to pic to get transferred to IFTTT where you’ll set up the recipe.

Of course, we’re always happy to have you subscribe to our YouTube channel.  But this can get you to our videos quicker when they come out.

And stay tuned.  We’ll be rolling out new IFTTT recipes for you, including a possibly super-secret deals club that only IFTTT users will have access to.

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