How to update to iOS 9

iOS 9 is available today! Here’s how to install it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

1. Back up your iOS device!
Always backup your device to iCloud or iTunes (or both) before performing a software update. Better safe than sorry!

2. On your iOS device, tap Settings > General > Software Update.
Note: Apple tends to stagger these iOS updates, so it may not be available until later in the day.

3. Tap the “Install” button, and agree to the terms of service.

4. Now, type in your 4-digit security code.

5. iOS 9 will begin downloading.
Note: a lot of people will be downloading iOS 9 at the same time, so it could take a while to finish.

6. Once iOS 9 is downloaded, your device will ask you to restart to complete the installation.

7. That’s it! Congratulations, fellow iOS 9 user!

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