How to Revive a Dead Apple Wireless Keyboard Using a Gum Wrapper

How to Revive a Dead Apple Wireless Keyboard Using a Gum Wrapper

The batteries go this wayProblem: Your Apple aluminum Bluetooth keyboard won’t power up. You tried changing the batteries; you made sure the batteries are pointing the right direction (there’s a little diagram on the underside of the keyboard just nigh the battery hole), but it still won’t power up. Dead. Bummer.

But wait. There’s a fix. Open the battery compartment and remove the batteries. You’ll need the edge of a coin, or, if you’re a technically inclined primate with opposable thumbs and a budget, a screwdriver.

Split the thin foil (it’s really thin!) off the gum wrapper’s paper backing.

Tear off a piece about half the area, or less, of your pinky-fingernail. Or of the pinky-fingernail of someone else who has a really small pinky-finger.

Wad it into a spongy little foil wad. Not too big!

No, seriously, make it smaller. And kind of flattened or egg-shaped.

The Foil WadDrop the foil wad into the battery compartment. Works best if you’re holding the keyboard so it drops straight down into the hole.

Drop in the batteries. Make sure they are pointing the right way, because getting that part wrong at this point would be really embarrassing.

Screw the lid back on and press the button to turn it on and start the Bluetooth discovery process.

Didn’t work? Open it up and try again. It might take two or three or four tries to get the foil wad to fall in the right place.

Hope this helps! ^MichaelR