How To Hide Apps in iOS 9

From games and productivity to banking, shopping, and social media (and let’s not forget those pre-installed apps that automatically come with your iPhone), apps are a huge part of what make smartphones so smart. They’ve transformed these handheld screens in our pockets into computers.

With so many apps, let’s take a moment to talk about organizing them. As they add up, they fill up pages on your iPhone or iPad. Swiping through multiple pages of apps can make finding that Facebook app difficult.

As I write this, I’m proud to say I’ve whittled my app collection to fit comfortably on my Home screen and just one additional page. For a lot of app-happy folks with pages and pages full of apps, that may seem impossible. But, if you store your apps away in folders, you can clean up some of that app clutter on your iPhone and iPad.

Here’s how:

1. Tap and hold down on the app until it wiggles.
2. Once the app is wiggling, you can drag it into an existing folder, or create a new one.
3. To create a new folder, just drag an app on top of another app and give that folder a name.

This is especially helpful for getting all of the pre-installed apps from Apple—Stocks, Tips, News, etc.—off your screen and neatly into one place.

Folders are re-arrangeable just like apps, so you can tap and hold on a folder, and drag it around to reorganize. If you need to remove an app from a folder, just tap and hold until that app wiggles, and drag it out of the folder back to your Home screen or into another folder.

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