How To Delete Apps in iOS 9

Apps. Everyone has them. Some are free, some cost a few bucks. And, with over 1.5 million apps on Apple’s App Store, our iPhones and iPads can quickly get weighed down with the apps we download.

With our Home screen and folders (and our iPhone or iPad’s storage) filling up, doing a little app-housecleaning can really make a difference.

Here’s how to delete apps in iOS 9:

1. Locate the apps you’d like to delete.
2. Tap and hold on the icon until it wiggles.
3. Tap the X in the corner of each app you’d like to delete.

Note: when deleting games, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you’d like to keep or remove the data in Game Center. I usually tap “Keep,” in case I want to re-install that game later and pick up where I left off.

If you’ve got any additional iOS housecleaning tips, we’d love to hear! Leave them in the comments below.

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