How to check your iPhone data usage

How to check your iPhone data usage

How to check your iPhone data usageA short time ago we asked you to submit your tips and tutorials for your favorite devices. We promised to send you something cool if we blogged your tip.

Gianpy Belaunde provided an amazing tip about how to check your iPhone data usage. Gianpy made a great point that, some of us are not on unlimited data plans and must carefully monitor our usage, this tip will help you do just that!

This is surprisingly simple to do.

1- Open the Phone app
2- Dial and call the following number *3282#
3- You should receive a text message showing your data usage!

Thanks for sharing this with us Gianpy. We’re sending you our new iTrip Dual Connect for sharing this tip.

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  • Terence Arthur

    Does this work on any carrier?

  • Johnny Ixe

    You can also use the DataMan iPhone app to monitor your data use in real time. This useful app monitors your cellular and Wi-Fi data usage in the background, keeping a log of your activities. What’s more, it geotags your data activities. To help manage your data consumption, you’ll receive real-time alerts when you exceed your usage thresholds. There are 4 levels of alert thresholds that you can customize to your needs to prevent additional charges to your bill. You can find DataMan in the App Store.