How To Block A Phone Number or Text in iOS 9

Let’s face it, as long as we have a phone, we’re going to receive annoying texts and phone calls we don’t want—you know, the ones from unsolicited telemarketers that call in the middle of dinner, and the 3AM-slumber-interrupting calls from people you just don’t want to hear from anymore.

Luckily, there’s a nifty block caller feature in iOS 9 that puts those unwanted calls and texts on mute for

1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
2. Find the caller you’d like to block, either in Recents or Contacts.
3. For a number in Recents, tap the “i” to the right of their name, swipe down to the bottom of their contact and choose “Block this Caller.” A confirmation will pop up and tap “Block Contact.
4. If they’re in Contacts, just tap on their name in the contacts list and swipe down to choose “Block this Caller” and then “Block Contact” on the confirmation pop up.

How blocking works

After a number is blocked, you’ll no longer receive any calls, text messages, or voicemail messages from that number. Your phone doesn’t even notify you that they’re trying to contact you. When they call your number, it goes straight to voicemail. Any texts they send won’t show up on your phone at all.

You can still retrieve blocked voicemails, by the way. In your Phone app, tap Voicemail and swipe to the bottom of the list to find “Blocked Messages.”

What other privacy tips have you used to keep your dinners interruption-free? Comment section is open!

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