A map tip

A map tip

Photo from Flickr by: wmshc_kiwiI recently learned a valuable lesson during a family road trip to Seaside, Florida.

The first part of the drive from Nashville was pretty simple, but then it became a little tricky as we got closer to Florida.

Pouring rain and darkness made watching for the frequent turns every 10 to 20 miles difficult. Worse, I had no service on my otherwise trusty iPhone 3GS and we didn’t bring a map.

Under better connectivity conditions, Google Maps is an amazing app to help prevent you from getting lost. It’s no wonder why the Google Maps application is among the most popular across all smartphones.

The Solution

When service briefly returned, I quickly snapped screenshots of the driving directions. Soon after our service dropped again, but I was able to refer to the saved images of the directions to help navigate us to the (soon to be) sunny Florida.

Many people bring along a paper map, whether it’s a regular old fashioned one or printed Google or MapQuest map. Did you know that map users actually find their way faster than using a GPS or smartphone?

I think I’ll be printing a map next time, just in case.

Photo from Flickr by: wmshc_kiwi

  • http://www.techese.net chrisdejabet

    This is why I still own a Garmin nüvi. Maps are local on the device, and GPS reception everywhere except tunnels.

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Good thinking Chris!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Louie.Lee Louie Lee

    OffMaps will let you download and store different resolutions of Google maps. Then it just functions like the Maps.app. I use this mostly wherever I might be data-roaming.