8 ways to save iPhone battery life

8 ways to save iPhone battery life

8 ways to save iPhone battery lifeZDNet has a handy post with their iPhone/iOS 5 battery saving tips. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has put together a killer list of tips that I new you would enjoy.

Kingsley-Hughes’s tips include:

  1. Dropping the screen brightness
  2. Auto-Locking the screen
  3. Selectively turning off/on radios
  4. Entering Airplane mode
  5. Using location services
  6. Notifications
  7. Disabling diagnostics
  8. Using cloud services

I encourage you to head to ZDNet to read the full post and start saving some juice. Of course we have a few power solutions too. 😉

  • Oleg Shanyuk

    I’m using airplane mode enabled if I need to keep phone working and have no chance to charge. Battery is a little pain, so, I wrote an app for that :) to see how my settings affects iPhone life time. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/synergios/id653045685?mt=8

    Now I’m planning to add some killer features, making it even more useful, so your iphones will be always ready to go :)