5 Things I Wish I’d Known About Juicing

Juicing! There’s something about turning solid fruits and vegetables into a bright green liquid via very fast spinning blade monster that’s awesome. A few months ago, my girlfriend and I received a Breville juicer as a gift—this one, actually.

There are a lot of great recipes and resources online for juicing, but there are also a lot of things you “have to find out for yourself.” If you’re thinking about getting a juicer, save yourself (and your wallet) from making additional trips to the grocery store and check out a few things I wish I would have known before I made my first juice.

Buy produce in bulk.
The first time I used our juicer, I realized how quickly you go through produce. Most juice recipes call for several pieces of each ingredient per serving, and it takes a lot of fruit and veggies to generate two glasses of juice. If you’re buying individual pieces of produce at the grocery store, your juice is going to end up costing a pretty penny. Buy your produce in bulk.  

And, don’t worry about it keeping fresh. If you are regularly juicing, your produce won’t have time to go bad.

Clean up sucks.
Even the fanciest “no-mess” juicers on the market require a considerably involved clean-up process. A juicer has multiple pieces that catch those shredded bits of fruit and vegetables. If you have a garbage disposal, pro tip: keep the shredded pulp away from it. Instead, try composting it.

And don’t wait on the clean up—it’s best to do your cleaning immediately after making your juice. I mean, go enjoy your juice you just made. Just don’t let it sit out. Gross.

It takes time.
15-20 minutes for a juice, actually. Juicing isn’t like cooking a huge meal, but it still takes time. You’ve got to figure out what kind of juice you’ll make, gather your ingredients, prepare and clean your produce, make the juice, and, of course, the clean-up.

It’s better fresh.
Your juice’s nutrients and overall potency are best right after you make it. Exposure to air and light can take that away, so, unless you have a dark, airtight container for your juice, get your juice in you within the first 15 minutes.

It’s awesome.
Juicing has become something I really love doing. I get to express a creative culinary side, and it’s nothing but good for me. And if you’re curious, here’s my go-to juice recipe. It’s delicious, it’s spicy and it’s easy.

  • 4 medium Granny Smith apples
    3 large carrots
    3 stalks of celery
    1-2 pieces of fresh ginger root

What’s your favorite recipe? Tell us in the comments!




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