4 Must-Have Apps for Photographers

4 Must-Have Apps for Photographers

While both powerful cameras in their own right, the iPhone and iPod touch camera can be loaded up in the App Store to become some of the hardest working photo assistants around for those of us who shoot with DSLRs, rangefinders and other old cameras. Here are five apps I can’t live without.

Expositor – Like long exposures (star trails, nighttime landscapes, etc.)? Or are you shooting with an old view and rangerfinder camera that lacks a built in meter?  Expositor helps you calculate the needed exposure time based on your film speed or ISO settings and aperture.  Shooting deep night sky stuff at ISO 100? Plan on f/22 and an 8-hour exposure.

Lens•Lab – Super-simple user interface calculates depth of field and hyper-focal distances based on lens length and aperture. Includes an ingenious sliding reference scale that gives you a rough preview of what your main subject matter’s proportions will be in the frame given a set focal length.  A must-have if you’re shooting with a rangefinder.

iLightmeter – Creates a meter to measure the light being reflected off your subject, then shows which aperture/exposure pairs will result in a properly exposed photo. Not as necessary when shooting a DSLR or pretty much any camera from the last 40 years. But if you love tinkering around with deadstock like I do, iLightmeter is a must have to make sure you get that interior shot with using the old Rolleicord you found online.

Doesn’t matter how geared up you get your iPhone if you sleep through the morning’s golden hour. So I’m adding Griffin’s Alarm Clock App to the mix. Simple-to-set alarm clock app includes both sun and moonrise in realtime, localized to your actual location.

With spring coming on in the Northern hemisphere, it’s time to dig out your old 35-mm film camera or trusty DSLR and shoot.  With these four apps, your iPhone or iPod touch is ready to supply you with all the info you need to go completely old-school. Enjoy.

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Coming Up:  Stop Taking Crappy iPhone Photos!  Our tips and tricks will tell you how.

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