Twenty and MagSafe

Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Twenty with your MacBook Pro

Twenty, Griffin’s AirPlay-awesomizing amp, works so well with AirPort Express that it’s easy to forget that it will also work just as well with any optical audio source.

When I got my hands on a Twenty, I wanted to set it up at my desk.  I work in the Customer Support room, though, so there’s not much call for listening to music from across the room, not with as many as a dozen folks on phone calls at any given time.  Still, with a MacBook Pro at my desk, I can still get plenty of use out of Twenty.

First, I hooked up the MacBook’s MagSafe Power Adapter where you’d normally dock the AirPort express.  Just like that I’ve gained back an outlet, plus the form-factors are similar enough that it looks great.  Next, I plugged Twenty’s TOSLINK cable into the headphone/optical audio out jack on the MacBook and, voila, I’m rocking.

If you’re looking to get a little extra bass for your space, you can connect Twenty’s sub woofer output to a powered sub.  I’ve had Griffin’s classic tabletop 2.1 system, the Amplifi (sadly, long discontinued) at my desk for years, so all I needed was a mono 3.5mm to mono RCA cable to complete the picture.  The result is a fantastic way to rock Jeru the Damaja at the close of business on a Friday night.

Do you have a unique use for your Twenty?  Tell us about it in the comments! ^Mike