USB-C. Why you’ll love it.

Okay, set aside, for the moment, that it’s the hot new thing for plugging things into other things.

Set aside that it gives you 5 gigabits (and, with the USB 3.1 standard, promises twice that) of data throughput for those big music, video, and photo files that you’ve begun to accumulate.

Ignore, for the moment, that it promises to replace all your other cable connections, including power and video and connections to not just smartphones and tablets, but external hard drives, cameras, etc.

Forget that it’s already there on new laptops and tablets, and replaces that menagerie of multi-shaped holes now perforating your current laptop.

Move to the back of your mind that the compact, simplified design of its connector will do its bit to lower the cost of your tablets and computers.

Each of these is reason enough, alone, to embrace the new (as of this writing) USB-C standard and be glad.

But the real reason you’ll love USB-C is the slim, sexy USB Type-C connector that is never upside-down and you will always be able to plug in first time, every time, first try.


To ease your transition to USB Type-C, Griffin will be offering a slew of cables and adapters to keep the USB current flowing in your current USB devices. Check them out today!

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