Cutting the Cord: The Hardware You’ll Need

Last time, we ran down the total costs my family was paying out to various providers for television, data and voice services. And we determined that $6600 was way too much to be sending off to faceless conglomerates for whom “customer service” was a joke. But cutting the cord is not without its own costs.

Namely, hardware. When we looked into what we wanted to be able to watch and when, we ended up needing about $180 worth of hardware.

TV 1 – $117 $123

Digital Antenna – $13 – We picked up this item at Radio Shack … AXIS 8140/8040/41710 Amplified Indoor Antenna/Digital

Google Chromecast (for Chromecasting Amazon Prime)- $35

Apple TV (3rd Gen.) – $69 new,  $75 (we bought a refurbished model direct from Apple in December; at its new, $69 price, Apple TV’s an even better deal.)

TV 2 – $43

Digital Antenna – $43 – Found this one on Amazon … RCA ANT1650F Flat Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

PS3 (Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, but none of the series that we purchase via iTunes and play on the Apple TV) – $0 (we already own it)

However, gaming consoles and set-top boxes from Apple, Roku and Amazon are already entertainment staples in many households, so you may simply be looking at needing to acquire the antennae.

Pro Tip: You may find that you can squirrel the TV antenna away somewhere out of the way like your attic. When we disconnected the cable, our house was still full of new coaxial cable that served as a great distribution system for the antenna.


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