We’ve got our work cut out for us. Special Events

The Survivor Real Proof Challenge Call for Entries is Closed. We only have ourselves to blame.  We asked you for your craziest, most extreme ideas for how we should torture test out Survivor cases and accessories.  And more than 600 of you responded. Honey badgers. Muratic acid. Time machines. Monster trucks. Hundreds of ideas ranging […]

REAL PROOF: Bridge Breakup

REAL PROOF: Bridge Breakup Prizes & Discounts

Today is our final video in our Survivor REAL PROOF campaign. You’ve seen us drop our strongest iPod case three stories into a vat of maple syrup. You’ve watched in horror as we shot pool, played air hockey and bowled at an iPod touch in Survivor. You sat back shocked as you witnessed an iPhone […]

REAL PROOF: At The Car Wash

REAL PROOF: At The Car Wash Prizes & Discounts

You’ve seen us drop an iPod touch three stories into a vat of maple syrup, you saw us take an iPod touch bowling. What happens when you take an iPhone through a car wash? Will a Survivor case help it live through the hot wax? It’s week three of our REAL PROOF: Survivor case contest. […]

REAL PROOF: Gone Bowling

REAL PROOF: Gone Bowling Prizes & Discounts

Our REAL PROOF contest is now in it’s second week, which means we have a new test video for you! Last week we threw the iPod touch and Survivor down three stories into a vat of maple syrup. This week we did something much less sticky. Congratulations to Lorraine Durand, who suggested we tape the […]

REAL PROOF: 3 stories and 16.5 gallons of maple syrup

REAL PROOF: 3 stories and 16.5 gallons of maple syrup Prizes & Discounts

Have you entered to win an 8GB iPod touch and Survivor case yet? Last week we opened our REAL PROOF contest. You were tasked with submitting your ideas to test our strongest case, Survivor. We received tons of amazing entries (and some really crazy ones). Congratulations to Hal Meeks, who suggested we drop an iPod […]


SURVIVOR: REAL PROOF Prizes & Discounts

A few weeks ago we announced our new Survivor iPhone 4 and iPod touch case. As we mentioned, it’s our strongest case ever! After sharing the video, we received lots of comments about further tests that you think we should do. Gizmodo’s Kat Hannaford addresses us directly by saying: “One day, I’d like to see a case manufacturer […]