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Review: Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations Art / Community

As a snapshot of the creators, thinkers, artists and advocates who are at the heart of Nashville’s current creative renaissance, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations is what happens when geography, proximity and creativity come together in one place. “Dreamers and doers seem to congregate here in Nashville, Tennessee,” author Lily Hansen writes, “to coax each other into bringing […]

Doing the Impossible

Doing the Impossible Apps / Community / Connect / Stuff We Love / Tech

  Click. A game. It presents a grid of colored boxes. Okay, looks pretty straightforward. Click. The boxes flip over in pairs, each one revealing a box of a different color. So, to get all the boxes to be the same color, you have to click them in the right combinations. Makes sense. How hard can this be? […]

Griffin’s Oasis in the Rain

Griffin’s Oasis in the Rain Community / Fun / Misc / Stuff We Love

We GriffinTeckers love the big old building we work in. We love its location, close to the heart of Nashville. We even love the parking lot (the running joke in Nashville being that the music industry is the second-biggest business in Music City, right behind Parking). The thing that makes our parking lot easy to […]

Record stores hold a place in my heart…

Record stores hold a place in my heart… Music / Special Events

Record stores have always been a haven for me. Maybe I’ve read “High Fidelity” too many times, but one day, I’ll have a record store. I think everyone has a memory of being in their favorite record store, hearing something phenomenal play through those 1970s bookshelf speakers for the first time, and then running home […]

Jaren Johnston on Song Creation

Jaren Johnston on Song Creation Music / New

Shooting video to support this week’s launch of StudioConnect gave us the opportunity to sit down and visit with four singer/songwriter/players and learn about how they made music. In our first interview, we talked with Jaren Johnston to talk about song creation.  Jaren’s a busy guy:  He sings lead and plays guitar for The Cadillac […]

Johnny Cash Museum FTW!!

Johnny Cash Museum FTW!! Community / Fun / In The News / Special Events / Uncategorized

I grew up listening to Johnny Cash songs. My dad had been a teenager during the legendary ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ days of Sun Records.  Before I ever heard Johnny Cash sing, I knew “Folsom Prison Blues” and “I Walk the Line” from the versions my dad would strum out on his battered Epiphone acoustic guitar. […]

Announcing our CES 2012 Case Winners

Announcing our CES 2012 Case Winners Prizes & Discounts

We got thousands of entries.  We drew 20 winners.  Here they are.  Now it’s time to let your internet envy run free. Ernestine Jones Ellen Sussna-Heyman Doug Stickley Gary Ross Sherman Chen Andrew Payne Alfred Date Margaret Hirst Conner Craig Michael Wright Stanton Hancock David George Anthony Campbell Paul Benbenek Amanda Fobert Terry Trautloff Rogerio […]

We’re giving away tickets to Music City Roots

We’re giving away tickets to Music City Roots Community / Prizes & Discounts

We love Nashville! We love everything about this town. One thing we’re crazy about is the music, it’s why Nashville is known as “Music City”. The Lovin’ Spoonful wrote these lyrics in the song “Nashville Cats” that sums it up. Well, there’s thirteen hundred and fifty two Guitar pickers in Nashville And they can pick […]

Did you win a $500 Apple Store gift card?

Did you win a $500 Apple Store gift card? Prizes & Discounts

Did you hear the news? iPhone 4 launched last week. Just kidding, of course you heard the news! We loved this video from CNET UK by Luke Westaway (take note of the Chilewich Gravel case in the AirCurve at 4:10! w00t!). We also made our own video from the Apple Store in Nashville… We announced […]