A Hard Day's Night

What’s the best Beatles album? Wrong! Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

As my wife, or anyone that’s had a beer with me, will tell you, I bear the onerous burden of walking this world, being right. About everything. For example, I can say with some authority that the Beatles are the best rock band ever, and your opinion about them is wrong. Sorry, that’s just the […]

What We’re Hearing: Nude Beach II

What We’re Hearing: Nude Beach II Fun / Music / Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

I’ve never been one for Spring Fever.  I’ve always been more of a Fall Fever guy.  I look forward with relish to fiery red leaves and sweater weather, bonfires and heavy beers.  I missed Nude Beach‘s second album, II, when the band self-released it this Spring, only to see it quickly sell out while on […]

Hypnotic Nights!

Hypnotic Nights! Fun / Music / Stuff We Love

NPR is streaming Hypnotic Nights, the new album from Nashville natives JEFF the Brotherhood.  Their Third Man Records single “Whatever I Want” was featured in our Twenty announcement video a few months back, but if that’s your only exposure to the Brothers Orrall, get ready to feel the wind in your hair.  Hypnotic Nights is […]

60 Seconds During the Year Everything Changed

60 Seconds During the Year Everything Changed Community / Music / Uncategorized

They call 1969 “The Year Everything Changed.” That was the year that 500 million people watched Neil Armstrong leave the first human footprints on the moon. Rupert Murdoch bought his first newspaper. An oil spill led to the first Earth Day (held the following year), and a river caught fire in Ohio, sparking the creation […]

Musicians take note at what’s new at CES

Musicians take note at what’s new at CES New

As you know, Griffin is a Nashville, Tennessee based company. Living in Music City, it only makes sense that we continue to create innovative products for musicians. StudioConnect for iPad StudioConnect for iPad combines both audio and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) recording into one compact device that also simultaneously charges your iPad. StudioConnect takes […]

Love music? You’ll LOVE this!

Love music? You’ll LOVE this! Prizes & Discounts

We know you love to rock (it’s why we salute you). To help keep you rocking, we’re giving away 10 StompBox plus a $15 iTunes gift card! Guitar and effects apps for the iPad like iShred Live are some of our favorites. Now we’ve made it even easier to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod […]