Five easy online gifts and gift cards you can email Life

Uh-oh. It’s the Tuesday before Christmas and it’s too late to get those last-minute gifts shipped before the 25th. We’ve all been there. Frazzled and panicked. Running to the nearest store to find something so your loved ones won’t be empty handed come Christmas morning. And we all know that the corner store’s shelves don’t really […]

Happy birthday Jim Henson!

Happy birthday Jim Henson! Fun

It was Jim Henson‘s birthday on Friday. We knew this when we spotted Woogie featured in the iTunes app store! I grew up on Jim Henson, like most of you (all of you?). I was a big Cookie Monster fan, perhaps it accounts for my constant cravings for cookies. Yum! I came across a great […]

iTunes has stopped updating this podcast

iTunes has stopped updating this podcast Tips & Tricks

I subscribe to 141 podcasts. I’m a huge fan of both professional and amateur podcasting. Like many of you, iTunes is my podcatcher of choice. I love the fact that iTunes automatically updates my podcast library with new episodes everyday, but there’s one little thing that drives me nuts. I’m not sure why it is […]

Speed up sync sessions

Speed up sync sessions Tips & Tricks

My iPhone is cluttered with stuff, I’m the first to admit it, so is my machine. If I could find a few extra hours in a day I would take the steps to start cleaning unused files, but I don’t have the time. Syncing my iPhone now takes way too long and it slows my […]

iTalk Recorder Facebook Fans Unite!

iTalk Recorder Facebook Fans Unite! Community / Griffin Gear

We were so excited when we noticed our iTalk Recorder app in one of the latest iPhone App Store ads. Did you see it too? It was just a few weeks ago that iTalk received it’s 1,000,000th download! To celebrate the love that our little app has been getting, I’ve created a Facebook Fan Page. […]