The accessories your iPhone 6s needs right now! Products / Tech

Everyone knows that the “S” series iPhones are Apple’s real rock stars. iPhone 6 was almost perfect, but iPhone 6s has a better camera, a faster processor, 3D Touch functionality, and more. If you’ve been waiting patiently for two years for Apple to perfect the iPhone 6, then now’s the time to make sure you’ve got […]

Soft Reset your iPod or iPhone

Soft Reset your iPod or iPhone Tips & Tricks

I asked our technical support and customer service manager, Rachel, what question our support team receives the most. The #1 issue is that the iPod/iPhone and third party products do not always communicate well. For example, she explained that occasionally customers will hear the iTrip take away the static on their radio, but won’t hear their […]

Enter To Win Our Halloween Costume Party

Enter To Win Our Halloween Costume Party Fun / Prizes & Discounts

The witching season is upon us. Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate we’re having a costume party, sort of. We’re giving away a few treats plus a $300 Griffin Technology shopping spree! While we know we already have a product that’s perfect for this spooky time of the year, we’re looking for […]

Introducing Our New iTrip and iTrip Controller App

Introducing Our New iTrip and iTrip Controller App Griffin Gear / New

Back in 2003 we invented the first iTrip (pictured to the right). Our little FM transmitter set an entire industry of iPod accessories into motion. There’s been a few updated versions of iTrip over the years, each with it’s own set of cool new features. Now, six years later, we are excited to be announcing […]

An iTrip Wood Would Rock

An iTrip Wood Would Rock Fun / Griffin Gear

A couple of weeks ago, we came across a great post by Charles Starrett on iLounge called iLounge reader creates all-wood iPod mini, accessories. We were blown away! Not only did Australian Josh Darrah create a wooden iPod mini, he also carved a classic iTrip mini. Our crack investigation team (me) reached out to Josh […]

iTrip Review from the Road

iTrip Review from the Road News & Reviews

I love watching the countless reviews of our products on YouTube and other video hosting sites. I wish I had the time to comment on each one. It’s nice to see people actually unboxing our products and testing them in real time, but it’s even better when we can see it being used. I was […]

Blow Minds with your iTrip

Blow Minds with your iTrip Fun

A few years ago before I started working with Griffin, I concocted a magic trick with my iTrip. I’ve always had a fascination with cool illusions, not big glamorous stuff but original fun stuff instead. While playing with my iTrip, I created the iTrip Static Radio Trick. The Presentation: Make sure you are near a […]