Let’s talk iPhone

Let’s talk iPhone New

It’s Apple’s big iPhone announcement today! We’re buzzing with excitement at Griffin HQ. Here are some sites to follow the iPhone news in real time: iLounge Engadget Gizmodo Be the first to know! To be among the first to know about our accessories for the new iPhone sign up. We’ll only email you once with […]

How to protect your iPhone screen

How to protect your iPhone screen New

DFlex deflects scratches, dirt and fingerprints from your iPod or iPhone, all over. Our DFlex Protection System covers your device with a high-tack/medium-release stretch, puncture and tear-resistant vinyl film to protect your touchscreen and outer casing from scratches, dust and oils. The back protection film adds a subtle graphite print. We’ve included everything you need […]

How to multitask on iPhone iOS 4

How to multitask on iPhone iOS 4 Tips & Tricks

We have spent a chunk of today eagerly playing with our iPhone’s new operating system, iOS 4. There has been plenty of discussion about iPhone multitasking on Twitter, so I thought I’d post a quick summary. Gizmodo explains it well: Double-clicking the home button will open a tray showing all running applications. Switching to another […]

A map tip

A map tip Tips & Tricks

I recently learned a valuable lesson during a family road trip to Seaside, Florida. The first part of the drive from Nashville was pretty simple, but then it became a little tricky as we got closer to Florida. Pouring rain and darkness made watching for the frequent turns every 10 to 20 miles difficult. Worse, […]

Soft Reset your iPod or iPhone

Soft Reset your iPod or iPhone Tips & Tricks

I asked our technical support and customer service manager, Rachel, what question our support team receives the most. The #1 issue is that the iPod/iPhone and third party products do not always communicate well. For example, she explained that occasionally customers will hear the iTrip take away the static on their radio, but won’t hear their […]

Speed up sync sessions

Speed up sync sessions Tips & Tricks

My iPhone is cluttered with stuff, I’m the first to admit it, so is my machine. If I could find a few extra hours in a day I would take the steps to start cleaning unused files, but I don’t have the time. Syncing my iPhone now takes way too long and it slows my […]

Best Halloween Costume Ever?

Best Halloween Costume Ever? Fun

At Griffin we’re encouraged to celebrate Halloween to the best of our ability. We’ve seen a pink bunny, a wicked witch and ice cream sandwich (to name a few) stroll through our doors on October 31st. This year we could try to create our most original costumes ever, but how can we compete with this? […]

The History of FAIL

The History of FAIL Fun / Griffin Gear

Ben Zimmer of the New York Times recently wrote a great article on the history of FAIL. That’s FAIL the interjection not the verb. Zimmer wrote: In July 2003, a contributor to Urbandictionary.com noted that fail could be used as an interjection “when one disapproves of something,” giving the example: “You actually bought that? FAIL.” […]

Smartphone for Business or Pleasure?

Smartphone for Business or Pleasure? Poll

There’s an interesting post today on Silicon Alley Insider about the rise in iPhone use for business. A recent study by Goldman Sachs found that 50% of the respondents said they use their iPhones for “both personal and business use.” How about you? Are you using your smartphone for both business and personal use? Let’s […]

What’s Your Favorite iPhone 3.0 OS Feature?

What’s Your Favorite iPhone 3.0 OS Feature? Fun

Twitter has been exciting this afternoon as people were tweeting up a storm about Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 3.0 OS update. I must admit, I was guilty of jumping into the conversation too. As my iPhone was updating, I created a fun survey to gauge your favorite new feature. Please take a moment to vote.