Will it charge my iPad?

Will it charge my iPad? Tips & Tricks

With the announcement of our PowerJolt and PowerBlock products for iPad we’ve received loads of questions about power: Will my previous devices work with iPad? Can I use iPad chargers with my other Apple products? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? iPad takes 2.1 amp to properly charge new […]

Your iPad is powerless without us!

Your iPad is powerless without us! New

Green means go. It also means that you are charging your iPad with our popular PowerBlock and PowerJolt products. Charge your iPad at home/office/hotel/etc… PowerBlock is our best-selling AC charger, which is now available for iPad in a new 2.1 amp capacity for fast, safe charging. PowerBlock features a slim design, with fold-flat, non-polarized blades that fit easily […]

Stephen Colbert and David Letterman play with their iPads

Stephen Colbert and David Letterman play with their iPads Fun

It’s exciting to see two of our late night favorites playing with their iPads. Is it Saturday yet? Geesh, can the clock go any slower? You can bet we’ll be racing over to our local Apple Store to pick up our department’s iPad tomorrow. Our stylish iPad cases will be ready for purchase next week! […]

Hooray for iPad Day!

Hooray for iPad Day! Griffin Gear / New

iPad day is here! The rumors were true! We asked last week what you would do if Apple released it’s long awaited tablet. The majority of you voted to add it to your wish lists. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that your wishes come true (it’s on my list too). Now that the iPad is […]