iOS 5 camera tip

iOS 5 camera tip Tips & Tricks

Here’s a handy photography tip to quickly access your photos from the Camera app. Fahan Firouzian writes: When you are on the camera on iPhone or iPad on ios5 software you can just swipe left right and you can see all your pictures. This tip is especially handy if you want to review a photo […]

Surprise! There is an emoticon keyboard in iOS 5!

Surprise! There is an emoticon keyboard in iOS 5! Tips & Tricks

Emoji (絵文字) is the Japanese term for the picture characters or emoticons used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages. – Wikipedia. Using an emoticon is often the perfect way to quickly express a message or tone of a message. Did you know that using iOS 5, you can easily add an Emoji keyboard? Nghia Huynh […]

8 ways to save iPhone battery life

8 ways to save iPhone battery life Tips & Tricks

ZDNet has a handy post with their iPhone/iOS 5 battery saving tips. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has put together a killer list of tips that I new you would enjoy. Kingsley-Hughes’s tips include: Dropping the screen brightness Auto-Locking the screen Selectively turning off/on radios Entering Airplane mode Using location services Notifications Disabling diagnostics Using cloud services I […]

iOS 5 hidden features!

iOS 5 hidden features! Misc

Digital Trends ran a story listing their favorite hidden features of iOS 5. AssistiveTouch: Lets you tilt and move your phone, tablet, or touch for certain commands. Hide your Safari activity. Take pictures with your headphones: Take pictures via the volume up button. Alternate routes in map: Now when you’re trying to find directions, options […]