DriveSafe 22 Road Trips

How does $250 and BlueTrip Aux sound? Prizes & Discounts

Last year many of you submitted your tips for road trips. We collected more than 150 amazing road trip tips! Since we’re experienced roadtrippers, we have created a collection of 22 road trip tips, some from us and some from you. DriveSafe 22 Road Trip Tips All of this is brought to you by our […]

Drive Aware. Drive Compliant. DriveSafe.

Drive Aware. Drive Compliant. DriveSafe. Griffin Gear / New

We’re excited to announce our new free app, DriveSafe! The DriveSafe app combines handy enhanced map services and quick access to the laws governing handsfree phone and texting use in your area to help keep you informed and compliant with local laws. Features include: Map Services: Find nearby roadside services, restaurant, gas station or medical facilities […]

Our DriveSafe Initiative

Our DriveSafe Initiative New

Welcome to DriveSafe, a major new initiative in automotive accessory design and usage. DriveSafe is a comprehensive range of in-car products designed to limit driver distractions from smartphones and mobile devices. As mobile technology has developed, feature sets have expanded, and drivers have more potential distractions than ever before. Because their phones do more, drivers […]