Location location location

Location location location In The News

There’s an interesting story from CNET that states that over a quarter of U.S. adults use location-based services. The story sites a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Some findings include: 28 percent of cell owners use their phones for directions or recommendations based on their current location. 9 percent of Internet […]

Our Video Display Converter goes to 11!

Our Video Display Converter goes to 11! In The News

Here’s how to watch (and hear) your MacBook Pro on your television. Previously, the MacBook and MacBook Pro had a Mini DisplayPort that sent video only. You could use our Video Display Adapter to convert this video signal to HDMI (or DVI.) However, you needed to additionally connect the Mac’s headphone jack to your stereo […]

iPhone 4G wish list

iPhone 4G wish list Fun

CNET’s David Carnoy had a great post last week on the 25 most-wanted features for iPhone 4G. He mixed his personal picks with some of Kent German’s wish list and a selection from MacRumors message-board. The list is an impressive wish list of features for the much anticipated iPhone 4G. I’d love to know what’s […]