Smile! You Could Win An iPhone 6! UPDATED Connect / Prizes & Discounts

UPDATE! Our contest has come to an end. Congratulations to our winners! What’s better than a brand new iPhone 6? How about a brand new iPhone 6 that you don’t have to pay for? Yeah, we thought so, too. That’s why we’re giving away 5 Apple Store gift cards to go toward the cost of […]

Apple Store Challenge

Apple Store Challenge Fun

Comedian, writer and film maker, Mark Malkoff, recently decided to spend some time testing how much he could get away with at the Apple Store. His Apple Store Challenge video is hilarious. We love how Apple’s staff respond to his unique requests. Tell Mark what you thought on Twitter. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo2p82aTQzo Did you spot our products in […]

Did you win a $500 Apple Store gift card?

Did you win a $500 Apple Store gift card? Prizes & Discounts

Did you hear the news? iPhone 4 launched last week. Just kidding, of course you heard the news! We loved this video from CNET UK by Luke Westaway (take note of the Chilewich Gravel case in the AirCurve at 4:10! w00t!). We also made our own video from the Apple Store in Nashville… We announced […]

iPad Day in the UK

iPad Day in the UK In The News

Last week the UK’s Daily Express contained stories of elated customers leaving the Apple Store with iPad in hand. iPad is finally available internationally! According to student, Jake Lee, someone even offered to pay him £2,000 to take his place in line. Lee was quoted in the London Evening Standard about being prepared to spend […]

The perfect gift for kids

The perfect gift for kids Griffin Gear / News & Reviews

We’ve been getting great feedback from you on our kid-friendly, volume-limiting headphones for kids, MyPhones. Here’s a few examples: Road tested on my 12yr old daughter, a victim to fashion as all youngsters seem to be these days, she was instantly taken with them and has been using them almost constantly since they arrived. Despite […]