iTalk Recorder Still Rules!

iTalk Recorder Still Rules! Griffin Gear

With iPhone’s latest 3.0 OS Voice Memos application, there’s been talk in twitterland and the blogosphere about the future of our iTalk Recorder app. After a look at our statistics, we can happily report that unique users went up substantially since the launch of 3.0. Daily sales of iTalk Recorder Premium have also steadily increased. […]

What’s Your Favorite iPhone 3.0 OS Feature?

What’s Your Favorite iPhone 3.0 OS Feature? Fun

Twitter has been exciting this afternoon as people were tweeting up a storm about Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 3.0 OS update. I must admit, I was guilty of jumping into the conversation too. As my iPhone was updating, I created a fun survey to gauge your favorite new feature. Please take a moment to vote.