QuizUp – A Fast, Free, Only Slightly Addictive Free App Friday App.

An iPhone. 150,000 questions. What's not to love?

What it is:

Fast moving trivia against a randomly matched opponent. Six questions per round. Limitless rounds per category. 292 topics. Clean design, small(ish) app size.

Who’s it for:

Trivia fans. Jeopardy watchers. recovering Candy Crush Saga addicts. It’s linked to Game Center.

What’s under the hood:

In-game achievements. In-app purchases. Messaging. Playing with friends. History.

What’s it cost:

Free to download, in-app purchases buy you more XP. Which is important, I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing.

When to play it:

Waiting in line at the DMV. Waiting for sleepytime. Waiting for Godot. See what we’re getting at?  This is the perfect in-between-things games. A round is a minute long. You can play again and again. Abandon any time you want. Leave it hovering in the background.  QuizUp never complains.

Learning Curve:

Almost non-existent. A round is six questions. You and a randomly matched opponent race to answer questions. Point values per question start at 20 and lessen as the 10-sec clock runs. Be fast.

Want it?


Fearless Freep

Fearless Freep

Get it on the App Store.  Right now it’s iOS-only, but there’s an Android version coming soon. Incidentally, if you type Free App Friday enough, eventually, you’ll think about Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam for the rest of the afternoon.