Record stores hold a place in my heart…

Record stores hold a place in my heart…

Record stores have always been a haven for me. Maybe I’ve read “High Fidelity” too many times, but one day, I’ll have a record store. I think everyone has a memory of being in their favorite record store, hearing something phenomenal play through those 1970s bookshelf speakers for the first time, and then running home to bludgeon all of your friends’ ears with this new discovery for months to come. Oh, that’s just me?

During an incredibly humid summer day a few years back, I walked into Grimey’s with no real goal, no motive, just to browse. When I opened the front door, I felt that immediate rush of cold air from the AC unit. After a healthy 20 minutes of flipping through the racks of CDs and not paying any attention to the music the staff had picked, a new track starts and this song, no, this chainsaw of raw vocals and slapback delay stole my attention. Track 9, “Love U” from Blitzen Trapper’s “Furr“. Reminiscent of John Lennon’s hair raising screams from “Mother” (Plastic Ono Band, 1970), I couldn’t focus on anything but what was seemingly destroying these speakers in Grimey’s. “Love U” ended and the next track,”War on Machines” followed. “War on Machines” is upbeat, filled with fuzzy T. Rex-influenced guitars and cleverly layered vocals on top of those noises and mechanical chotchkies that make us love Wilco.

Never in my life had I ever been so affected by two songs in a moment that lasted no more than six minutes. Once I found “Furr” in the store, I grabbed it, along with every other Blitzen Trapper record Grimey’s had. I had my treasure, an unforeseen bounty, but I couldn’t leave. I finished listening to “Furr” in the store, made my purchases, and immediately left (only to force this band upon my friends, as stated above).

We’ll be at Grimey’s on Saturday picking up some new records and giving away iPhone 4 cases made from real vinyl records. Come say hi if you’re out, but if you can’t make it, you can still sign up to win one here.

Have you signed up yet?  What’s your favorite Record Store memory?

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  1. Kiserem says:

    My gateway record is St. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band by The Beatles. My dad would song Beatles songs and I loved listening to them. I bought this on a 8 track in 1979 and from that time on I have listened to and collected all kinds of music.

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