One of our favorite things at CES

One of our favorite things at CES

As you know, we were thrilled to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show again this year. I have written lots about the fun new products we announced there, but I haven’t written about the amazing things we got to see.

One of my personal favorites was the OASIS Perceptive Home project from Intel Labs. The Object Aware Situated Interactive System (OASIS) has lots of interesting usage scenarios, but nothing as cool as how they bring children’s toys to life. Check out the video to see what they’ve achieved with OASIS, imagination and some classic Lego.

I’m glad our friend Jeff Sass from Dadomatic was able to capture a video of this live at CES. Check out his post, Bringing Toys To Life at CES 2011: Intel Labs OASIS for more details.


Were you at CES or did you follow the coverage? What was your favorite thing you saw?