iPad Dev Camp

iPad Dev Camp


At Griffin we have a vested interest in all things iPad. We also have developed some pretty sweet iPhone and iPad touch apps. So naturally we jumped at the opportunity to be an official sponsor of last week’s iPadDevCamp in San Jose.

iPadDevCamp is an annual not-for-profit gathering to develop applications for iPhone and iPod touch using both the native SDK and web standards.

Sean was kind enough (he was dying to go) to travel from sunny Nashville to equally sunny California to bask in the genius of iPad development. According to The Apple Blog, developers came from Argentina, China, Germany, Sweden, England and Canada.

I spoke with Sean this morning and he filled me in with some of the highlights.

  • people are really enthusiastic about the Game Kit and the possibilities of interaction between multiple iPads or an iPad and iPhones
  • lots of discussion was had about advertising in iPad apps
  • the tank battle game where the iPad was used as the playing field, while users used an iPhone or iPod touch as the controller
  • using your iPhone camera to enlarge anything you point it to, then send that video to the iPad so you could see it on a large screen
  • a human slot machine made from three people who held iPads, while a person made the motion with his iPhone to play it
  • a DJ who used two iPads as turntables (video) and a mixer – photos

Check out all of Sean’s photos in our iPadDevCamp Flickr set.