Essential tips for Bonnaroo

Essential tips for Bonnaroo

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is officially over for another year. We are happy to report that we got through the six days of heat and mud unscathed. You should see the stats!

We enjoyed meeting so many great people from our tent in Centeroo. The tent was filled to the brim with our best power solutions, extra batteries and AirCurve. AirCurve was a lifesaver at our campsite, because nobody remembered a stereo.

In addition to our tent, we parked Double Nickels in the VIP area, where we mingled with the stars and demoed our upcoming GuitarConnect.

I was going to write a recap post with our top moments from Bonnaroo 2010, but so many others have already done that and captured the festival well. Instead, I decided to share some tips for Bonnaroo 2011 attendees. The following is a collection of things we learned.

Essential tips for Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo freaky peeps having fun
More Bonnaroo photos here.

  • Take a golf umbrella … excellent for shade while you’re walking around, plus you can make shade for that much-needed late afternoon nap so you can store up your suburban rage for that late-night Bassnectar set. – Web
  • Pay close attention to when the honeydipper trucks service the portajohns near your camps.  Our visit came at about 7:30 in the morning, which meant (relatively) fresh bio-relief stations were available for about 1/2 hour every day. – Web
  • Keep your eyes open for VIP upgrade offers from Bonnaroo partners … purchase of Beatles Rock Band or Green Day Rock Band at the festival got you instant upgrade to VIP passes, inc. free drinks, better viewing areas and cleaner portajohns. – Web
  • Switch off 3G or similar coverage; even though the carriers put in mobile cell towers, the high speed networks is slowed to a crawl.  Relying on the slower, but more reliable Edge network will increase the chances of your messages getting through. – Web
  • Consider setting up a Yammer account for you and your friends (or a Twitter Group) so you can tweet the group your whereabouts, questions, etc. more easily. – Web
  • Make friends. It makes the heat, mud and late nights so much more fun. – J.
  • Don’t cross the median on the way in. – Blair
  • Don’t wear white shoes. – Khalid
  • Don’t go back for your flip flop if it gets stuck in hippie muck. – Jennifer
  • Avoid the fountain, it is not as refreshing as it may appear (especially after Gwar). – Dave
  • SPF 1,000. – Dave
  • Inspect your plate before you accidentally eat a habanero. – Dave
  • Stay hydrated on WATER because you dont want to fall asleep and miss your favorite shows. – Kristen
  • Bring a small led flashlight for weaving thru crowds and watching for mud puddles at night. – Mark R.

Were you there?

Do you have tips to contribute for the Bonnaroo 2011 folks?