Summer travel essentials — Tips from Griffin

Summer is here, which means you’ll be spending more extended travel time in your car than at any other time of the year. With that in mind, we have some tips for you, about essential tech for road trips.

“We don’t always travel but when we travel, we travel far.” So says Lori Wilson, mother of two daughters and busy professional designer. “What works best for our family? Two sets of headphones; two iPads; and two CinemaSeats. Before we got the second iPad, it was one iPad in a CinemaSeat, two sets of headphones and a headphone splitter.”

CinemaSeat for iPadIn this scenario, familiar to many of us, CinemaSeat is the magic ingredient. It mounts an iPad or other tablet on a car seat headrest. Suddenly, your car has hands-free video for your backseat passengers, plus a storage pouch to save headphones, cords, and other paraphernalia from knocking around on the floorboards.

For the rest of your car, front seat included, a big road trip plus is being able to get your music from your smartphone or your tablet into the big(ger) speakers in your car. If your car stereo has a USB input, auxiliary port, or Bluetooth capabilities, then you’re good to go. If not, though, we’ve got you covered.

Does your car rock it old-school with a cassette deck in the dash? (No shame. Lots of us do.) Get a cassette adapter like Griffin’s DirectDeck, plug it into your headphone jack, and set your car stereo to Tape. You get good clean sound, and if your cord is long enough, control is in the palm of your hand.

gc39982_itripauxbluetooth_lifestyle_1Do you have an AUX-in port, but long for the hands-free ease of Bluetooth? Griffin’s iTrip AUX Bluetooth upgrades your dashboard by adding Bluetooth streaming from your hand to your stereo. The sound is great, thanks to support for the latest Bluetooth AAC and aptX standards, and your mobile’s wireless mobility is assured.

If your car is really old-school, with listening options pared down to AM/FM radio, then an FM transmitter like iTrip Auto will still broadcast the music from your mobile to your car radio: your own, private mobile radio station. Griffin’s iTrip has features that make tuning-in effortless and hassle-free, and it comes in lots of flavors for all kinds of devices, with or without charging and track controls.

Once you’ve got your audio all connected, you’ll want to get your phone and cables up and out of the way. WindowSeat is a perfect way to mount your phone on your windshield or dashboard, and a cable organizer like Hanger will keep your cables out of the floorboard when they’re not in use.

It’s all about having fun while you travel. With all these options available, you never have to feel cooped-up in the coupe. Whatever you choose, enjoy the road and drive safe.

And happy motoring!


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