Introducing WatchStand Powered Charging Station

We know that your Apple Watch and iPhone are made for each other. So, we decided that they should stay charged together.

We’re excited to announce WatchStand Powered Charging Station—the all-in-one charging solution for your Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad.

WatchStand sits beautifully on any desktop, tabletop or bedside for a secure and safe place to charge your devices.

WatchStand’s built-in power supply and two dedicated USB ports free up a wall outlet and removes cable clutter. Each USB port provides the perfect amount of charging power for your Apple Watch and iPhone (or iPad) to ensure all devices are charged and ready to go when needed.

WatchStand’s built-in cable management for both Apple Watch and iPhone. Simply wrap your phone’s charging cable around the underside of the base to keep tabletops neat and uncluttered. You can also wrap excess cord length from the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable around the inside of WatchStand’s grooved post.

Designed to accommodate all watch bands, WatchStand securely charges the Apple Watch at any orientation—vertically or horizontally—and even works with Apple Watch’s Nightstand mode. A no-scratch felt platform provides a safe place for your iPhone to lay flat while charging or angled for easy viewing.

Find out more at our website.

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