Introducing our most protective Survivors ever!

Nearly five years ago, we introduced Survivor, our first Mil-Spec tested rugged case for iPhone. We threw it at a wall. We threw it off a bridge. We dunked it in maple syrup and took it to the carwash. And, through it all, Survivor was up for the challenge.

Today, we’re introducing two new Survivor designs that take our best-selling case line to a whole new level with sleek, slim designs that are more protective than ever.

First up is Survivor Summit. Designed and tested to survive 10-foot (3-meter) drops onto concrete, Survivor Summit’s patent-pending design is the peak of rugged protection. Designed to meet IP-55 standards for water and splash resistance, Summit’s sealed, weatherproof multi-layer shell prevents rain, dirt, dust, mud, snow and splashes from getting in and damaging the phone, which means you and your iPhone 6 will be ready for whatever your day throws at you.

It’s rugged enough to withstand extreme drops, yet slim enough to easily slide into pockets. The slide-on screen seals out the dangers of the world, not to mention making putting it on your phone a breeze. Survivor Summit delivers the ultimate in rugged protection.

We’re also proud to introduce the ultra-thin, ultra-protective Survivor Journey.

Built to withstand 6.6 foot (2-meter) drops onto concrete, Journey’s patent pending, thin design offers drop protection with style. Journey cushions and cradles the phone inside a rigid, shatterproof shell with an outer layer that’s easy to grip and slides effortlessly into pockets.

Both Survivor Summit and Survivor Journey are available now!

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