Introducing Elegant Cable Management

Face it: Your desktop is a mess. Cables emerge from everywhere, but they’re all headed one place: Your computer. Now, there’s an elegant way to route the cables on your desktop and reclaim precious desk space. Introducing Guide.

Guide is a magnetic cable management system that organizes your cables with beauty and elegance. Built from polished steel and anodized aluminum components, Guide’s rearrangeable anchors are magnetized to keep your cables right where you want them.

Guide’s magnetic anchors hold down a variety of cable sizes, from a charge cable for your smartphone/tablet to larger cables like HDMI and power adapters. And, thanks to Guide’s versatile design, you’re not locked into a single configuration. Use one magnet per base, or more than one to route cables to more than one destination.

Learn more about Guide, or order your own, right here.

2 responses to “Introducing Elegant Cable Management”

  1. Euan Mackie says:

    How can I purchase this in the UK ?

  2. Guide isn’t currently available in the UK, but you can order from our website and have it shipped to the UK.

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