Fashion Accessories That Made Me Love My Fitbit

Anyone wearing a fitness tracker knows the addictive gratification that comes from the buzz around your wrist when you hit your goal. I’ll admit it’s hard to beat the feeling of checking my Fitbit app and happily discovering I’m close to hitting my daily goal—and it’s only 2pm. That hasn’t always been the case, though. At first, I would only wear my Fitbit Flex when I was working out, but couldn’t bring myself to wear it all day. Wearing a fitness tracker with work clothes felt like wearing sneakers with a formal dress. I just couldn’t get over how much it stuck out like a sore thumb from the rest of my outfit.

Here’s where one of the perks of working at Griffin changes the whole scenario.

Uptown Band

I started wearing Uptown Band and it completely changed my thoughts on fitness trackers being incompatible with fashion. The leather wrap bracelet is exactly the type of accessory I’d already wear, but hidden inside is my Fitbit Flex. THIS is exactly how I will wear a fitness tracker 24-7. The neutral toffee matches everything I wear and I’ve worn it every day since.

Ribbon Wristband

Uptown Band is the perfect accessory for work and evening looks, but when I’m heading to the gym or for a run on the greenway, I switch to Ribbon Wristband. The super-stretchy, comfortable material looks just like a ribbon hair tie, and has a hidden pocket for your tracker. I’ll confess to having the Ribbon Wristband in one of every color available, but I’m really digging the new geo-print pattern, too.

The upside to wearing my fitness tracker as a fashion accessory is how incredibly detailed and accurate the daily summaries are. Now that I’m always wearing my Fitbit, I end up tracking all those little steps that add up at the grocery store or going from my desk to the coffee machine. Before Griffin started making fitness tracker accessories, I didn’t think I would ever be the person that was consumed with daily step totals. Now that I can do it without sacrificing my look of the day, I’m definitely that person. The satisfaction of checking your fitness progress everyday is surprisingly addictive—in a good way!

Jackie Anderson—our Director of Communications & Brand Marketing—manages all things PR, and without rival, has the best taste in shoes in the company.

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