Classics for a Classic

The word “classic” gets thrown around a fair bit these days. Whether referring to an item of clothing, a timepiece, furniture, architecture or even automobiles, it’s a term that instantly elevates the status of the object that it is attached to.

However, what exactly does the term “classic” mean? 

For us, it stands for a product that has proven its utility time and again. Its aesthetics have been designed to render it timeless so that it ages gracefully, while being instantly recognizable by one and all. It stands out in a sea of competitors, by being the tasteful choice that reflects well on its owner. Few products tick all those boxes, but one has managed to catch our eye recently – the new Apple iPhone SE. 

Survivor Classic BlogImages2

An instant classic, the iPhone SE is the perfect balance of aesthetics and technological capability. We felt pretty strongly about it, so we decided to meet the SE with lightweight cases of our own, specifically engineered to protect against scratches, drops, scrapes and certified by military-grade testing. Protecting against the rigors of daily use in any environment, our cases are classics in their own right.

So, how do you celebrate the resurrection of a classic? By pairing it with its own set of classics.

Classics for a Classic, by Survivor – now available here. 

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