We’re Giving Away 10 Clarifi Cases Each Week…

We’re Giving Away 10 Clarifi Cases Each Week…

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Evernote to give away ten Clarifi iPhone 3G cases each week during March. Evernote is an award winning service that lets you upload images to it’s servers. Then you can search the images later using their cool text recognition function.

Picture yourself on a flight returning from a conference. You would normally be dreading the notion of having to enter each business card manually in your address book. Using Clarifi’s built-in close-up lens, you can easily snap clear shots of the cards then upload them to Evernote once you’re back on the ground.

Using Evernote, you can quickly search your contacts from the images of the cards. It even recognizes text in logos.

To be entered in the giveaway, simply add the hashtag #EvernoteClarifiGiveaway in a tweet on Twitter. Evernote will randomly select 10 winners each week. It’s that easy! We’re posting the videos on our Facebook fan page, so have a peak to see if you’ve won. Good luck.

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