Win a 120 GB or 8 GB Zune

Win a 120 GB or 8 GB Zune

Our Throwback Thursday series continues this week. Last week Elaine Wilson was our lucky winner of a 4th Generation iPod nano. Congratulations!

This week we’re giving a shout out to Zune! Hi Zune!

When the Zune dropped, the world listened.  It had the biggest, clearest video screen anyone had seen, and Zune’s wireless syncing and file transfer is still the easiest way to get your music in your pocket and out the door.

If you own a Zune or have friends that do, you will not want to miss this week’s Throwback Thursday sale. Prices on Zune accessories have been reduced substantially. Check it out here.

Zune 120 GBZune 8 GB

Enter to win!

Tell us what you love about Zune. We’ll be randomly selecting one lucky winner to win a slightly used 120 GB Zune with an iClear case. One other winner will score an equally used, 8 GB Zune and iClear case.

Read the rules and leave us a comment to enter. Good luck folks!

  • Josh Calvetti

    Well, I disagree with it having the clearest screen (same as iPod, but bigger pixels), but the wireless syncing was pretty sweet. I still wish my iPhone would do that…

  • joshuaarnao

    I don't know what I love because I have never used one. If I win that would change 😉

  • mattjost

    Zune Rocks.. Gotta love MS Products.

  • Jason Robinson

    Me want Zune!…please.

  • Matt Hewitt

    I love the social. I wish iTunes had something similar. I hope that with the next version of iTunes they add some social media stuff. I used to have a 32 gig first generation Zune but gave it to my fiance's parents when I got an iPhone. I actually miss it quite a bit. I also love the Zune software, it is easy to use, easy on the eyes and much faster than the bloated spreadsheet that is iTunes.

  • jay

    I'd love to win the Zune for its fantastic video playback and audio quality. It has a top notch large display screen and a pleasant and user friendly interface. Well layout & easy to navigate menus to manage the media library, lots of disk space, good battery life & fast wireless synching capability. With all the features that I mentioned, the Zune will provide me countless hours of fun watching my favorite movies and listening to my music collection

  • cameronknapp

    I love my zune cause it doesnt look like all the other mp3 players on the market, the battery life has been impressive, and overall it beats any ipod anyday.

  • cameronknapp

    Ive always loved the zune, wifi sharing, great games on it, and the style of the zune has always set it apart from all other mp3 players.

  • Sandra

    Never heard of Zune,but would love to actually see/hear it.

  • stil29

    Ok so I have been trying to enter this through iphone ipad now laptop. I dont have a Zune but would love one.

  • Sue MEM

    Would like a zune so I can see why so many people like it.

  • Mitch Brevard

    What I like is it is not an Apple product :) Thanks for the contest.

  • Dave Delaney

    Sorry. I'm looking into this. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Micheal Frangello

    I want a Zune!!

  • Jordan Rankin

    I would really like a Zune. I could go head to head with the ipod

  • Claire Rankin

    Wow, cool Guys!! Would love a Zune!!

  • andrewk348

    It would be cool winning one of these just to mess around with… I'm more of an ipod guy.

  • Eliane

    I really like the design. It is simple and clean.The video screen looks great too!
    Thanks a lot for the chance.

  • Jason Tsai

    wireless syncing

  • Cameron Knapp

    The zunes style looks so interesting and industrial. The 8gb was my favorite model, ive always wanted a 120 but never saved up enough.

  • Brian Ramlakhan

    The one thing i love about the zune is its screen its just absolutely beautifully watching a short video on it looks really nice.

  • jason carr

    I like the zune because it is not an iPod. ABI!

  • Trendsetter

    I've always wanted a Zune! I like the slightly retro look and the way you could share songs. I love the colors and I like the size it was so cute to me!….i really want to win this. I love music!


    That's sweet!

  • keith

    what do i love about the Zune? That Griffin makes awesome accessories for it, of course! (oh yes i did)

    really…the cool feature that i think would be great to have is the wifi sync that is supported on the Zune! Genius! if only iPods and iPhones had that smart technology built in!

  • Steve Goebel

    Guess I could use a Zune. Hope it's a brown one!!

  • Shane Smith

    I love the name 'Zune', and 120 just happens to be my favorite number.

  • Gil G

    Unlike the iPod and other music players, the Zune can wirelessly share music and photos with other zunes something I think is incredibly cool. Also the fact that they kept a simple and elegant design makes it nice. Although I never owned one it would be awesome to actually have a chance to own one especially with the amount of space one gets (120g or even 8g is huge!)

  • simonejiaao

    Wow, id really love a zune.
    honestly, i dont get the huge fuss about iPods. my first gen just died. it kept freezing all the time too.
    zunes are really gorgeous, i love the huge screen. the design is very original. itd be cool to be the only person without an iPod at school :)
    also, im not allowed to get one myself. theyre “uneducational”.

  • Cameron Knapp

    If you really compare the 2 yea its Crisper.

  • Cameron Knapp

    I love the Zune

  • Fusion Outrage

    The Zune is a piece of art, very interesting and sleek and un generic looking. Hard to find good cases for them. Griffin made about the best case for my 80gb. I would love to have a 120gb

  • DK

    The Zune Pass music subscription is a really nice way to discover new music.

  • hushmouth

    I don't know why I love my Zune….I just do! Love everything about it……

  • Jord Riekwel

    What I love about the Zune… That I can win one for free! 😀

  • phill

    i actually like brown and the subscription model

  • jst4tim

    I have never tried a Zune but would like to.

  • REL

    i remember when the zunes first came out… i loved how all the people with zunes could transfer music wirelessly… i knew when someone had a zune right when they pulled it out because they looked like bricks…. lol

  • Lauren B

    I've never had a Zune, so I don't actually know :-) it looks beautiful though! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Barb

    I love my Zune! I would love to have one for my granddaughter. I think it would be perfect for her in college.

  • Jimena Sanchez

    I've never had a zune or even touched one but I would love to be able to see what this Ipod competitor has to offer!

  • Dave Delaney

    Congratulations! You were randomly selected as the winner of the 120 GB Zune! Please contact me: daved AT griffintechnology DOT com.

  • Dave Delaney

    Congrats Mitch! You were randomly selected as the winner of the 8 GB Zune! Please send me an email to: daved AT griffintechnology DOT com.


  • kathy128

    I would like endless music and plenty of space to store what I find if I win the zune!!