Win a (previously loved) 4th generation iPod nano

Win a (previously loved) 4th generation iPod nano

Today begins our four-part Throwback Thursday series. Are you excited? I am!

Each Thursday we pay homage to devices that rocked (and still rock) our world. We’ve got a huge sale going on right now for accessories that you should definitely check out. We’re also giving away one slightly-used, but truly loved, 4th generation iPod nano and an iClear Sketch “Baroque” case!

The fourth generation iPod nano returned to the slim, sleek look we first fell for, with a huge, contoured video screen and intuitive new tricks like shake-to-shuffle and the ever-astonishing Genius playlist.  And the colors … don’t get me started on the colors!  They don’t call it the nano chromatic for nothing!

I asked our friends on Twitter to share their thoughts about the 4th gen. nano, here’s what some of them had to say:

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Be sure to include your email address in the field (not the comment), so we can contact you if you win. By entering you agree with the rules (PDF), please give them a quick read.

Next week we’ll be honoring another device, giving one away and greatly reducing prices on many of our accessories. Be sure to check our Throwback Thursday page for details!

Good luck.

  • Jason Robinson

    I need this for my son. I got him an HP one for Christmas and he hates me for it.

  • Tegs

    Here’s to throwbacks! Looking forward to the new iFM coming out this summer!

  • andy

    i’ve only had an ipod shuffle, but they’re apparently doing something right with total market domination.

  • Kevin

    The 4th gen nanos had the best colors – i love the matte, super bright colors they had.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that the 4th gen was too cool. All those colors! It would be great to work out with! I’m only posting as guest because I don’t see the “optional login.”

  • Shane Smith

    Better than 5g. Leave the video to the big boys, let the little guy do what he does best… play music!

  • Scott P.

    I’m glad the 4th generation Nano returned to tall and thin shape, the 3rd gen just didn’t seem right.

  • michaelb

    Count me in, Dave, my above Twitter statement holds true!

  • jordan

    I have had the 1st gen nano and an ipod touch 1 and 2 gen all stolen

  • Greg Vaughn

    Love the shake to shuffle……

  • Mark Bowling

    4th Gen Nano brings on the way-cool Accelerometer — more flash for the cash! Gimme!!

  • Dave Delaney

    I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks, so am I! :)

  • bryanpatrick

    The most wonderful generation of Nanos!

  • Mark Bowling

    Gotta luv this baby, introduced as “environmentally friendly” and highly recyclable! But heck, the best “recycling” of your Nano is perpetual usage into the next century…and beyond!

  • Chad

    I'd like to get this for my dad

  • danyoon

    It would be nice to have a free ipod nano!! Getting something for free is fantastic!

  • Donald Ward

    As a handicapped senior this iPod is a greater way to relax and enjoy sound and video nights that I can't sleep well.

  • Dave jimenez

    I need this for my grandson, he lost his 3rd gen on a trip in hawaii

  • Mystakill

    My youngest would love this. He wore out an old Sansa player & has been jonesing for some portable tunes ever since. I have an old 5th gen iPod, but he's too young to handle an HDD-based player gently enough.

  • Frank Appleby

    This would replace my 1st generation shuffle quite nicely… talk about a throwback!

  • edjm

    My partner would LOVE to have a previously loved 4G nano! Has a 2G one now.

  • greybirdtoo

    I thought the 4th gen was too cool with all of the colors and would be great to use for a workout!

  • Mark Bowling

    This would look soooooooooo cute hanging on my thong bikini!

  • mangochutney

    The 4th gen. Nano came out while I was in Beijing. I remember going to the Apple Store there once they had it in stock, with my green 2nd gen. Nano in a jeans pocket, pleading not to be replaced.

  • Andrew Chiang

    It'd be nice to win a more modern generation of Nano than the one I have.

  • Hugh

    The best yet.

  • Monika Sanders

    Went from Gen 2 Nano to a touch, would love a G4 for those sunny days at the beach where the Touch is too big.

  • Hecate Macbeth

    Would be nice to own a Nano, as I can't afford one, and I'm a music nut who loves to go running.

  • Beau Edwards

    I love the 4th gen iPod nano – sleek, nice color, large capacity… what's not to love?

  • Parker

    Rolling the dice.

  • aconant5

    Could use a smaller one. Been using a 80GB iPod + Video.

  • charlesmassler

    My ipod nano 5th needs a friend!

  • makloklin

    The 4th Gen iPod Nano is the best player to grab and go! So small you can put it anywhere – love it!

  • virtualcfo

    My wife has a 4th generation Nano and loves it. And I agree to abide by the rules <grin>.

  • Nick

    As a throwback kind a guy, this would be perfect. HN

  • Michael Mullaney

    There's nothing better than owning what is now obsolete to someday become cherished.. I would love one so that one day I can have a cherished item! :) GT Rocks!

  • backus


  • Joshua Kohn

    Nostalgia never seemed so good… Go Griffin!

  • Seth Ferreira

    I love that model!! Is it a 16GB?

  • Dave Delaney

    It's 8GB.

  • Dave Delaney


  • Josh Calvetti

    I love the purple model especially. After the glaze of the 5G, it became much less cool. Consider me entered for the contest.

  • Rick Langdon

    Never owned one … I have a larger capacity iPod … but I know some family members who would love it …

  • Todd Cooper

    I use it when I am working out on my bowflex or with my thighmaster, so easy and convenient!

  • CrystalP

    I had a shuffle until my cat ate the headphones.. I would absolutely LOVE a nano!! I promise to hide it from my cat..

  • Mark Bowling

    You think an Nano 4G is retro? I still play an original Atari 2600! Remember playing Pitfall or (my favorite) Frostbite??

  • Garth R. Shaner

    Any iPod was a great advance in music technology!

  • Eliane

    I like that the iPod Nano is really small and the shake-to-shuffle feature looks great!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Mark Bowling

    Speaking of iFM…I *really* hope that Griffin decides to expand the model with a Black colored version.

  • johnjohnstone

    The nano be more like bacon if it were longer, flatter, squiggly and smelled and tasted like bacon…. mmmm bacon

  • abfantom

    4th gen Nano is a step up for me!

  • royalrichu

    i got gift from my dad but i was thinking wat is the role of camera in iPod

  • Marlie Griffin

    New doesn't always mean improved.. sometimes you don't like the things that get changed. IPod Nano 4th generation was one of these things to me.

  • psuss

    What can I say? The good die young. That says it all about this Nano.

  • Alex S. Leung

    I really wanted one of the 4th gen nanos, but I had only gotten a 3rd gen shortly before it came out :(

  • Dave Delaney

    mmmmm :)

  • Dave Delaney

    I remember Pitfall! I think I had that on my Intellivision. :)

  • Dave Delaney

    I thought the excuse is that your dog ate it. Oh wait, that's homework not headphones :)

  • Alan

    love to win a unit

  • jennifersites

    I love second-hand stuff. I've actually never owned an ipod. Always wanted one though.

  • CrystalP

    You haven't met my cat! lol :)

  • debp

    I could use this. I am a throwback myself, because I have never owned one. So I guess instead of a 4th generation, it would be first to me.

  • Dave Delaney


  • brianrecchia

    I always liked the Nano more than the Classic. I can live with having only a portion of my iTunes library with me.

  • jim flores

    I like the 4th gen iPod nano

  • leandrew



    Would love to win this 4th Generation iPod Nano!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Good Luck to all!

  • yinyang160

    I would love to have this always wanted one used or noy

  • Peter D

    I'm fourth generation Irish – why not a fourth gen iPod!

  • Mark Bowling

    I checked with my wife, and she says it's okay if I have a small unit. Then I told her about the iPod giveaway….

  • Mike

    This one is great. Why put a camera on it? Weird.

  • Mark Bowling

    I think I heard that Obama will give us *all* iPods…either that, or they gonna “deem” that we already got 'em — I can't remember which…?.

  • mjwedeking

    Much better than the iPod fatty

  • Anonymous

    I learned to order online by ordering iphone extras for my kids…so will this play my throwback vinyl??

  • hj

    The 4th gen was just fine– no need to “upgrade.”

  • Elaine Wilson

    I'm on my second iPhone and yet I STILL lust over that nano!

  • sweetsue

    I'm embarrassed to say I have never had an ipod in any generation, but I have always wanted one!

  • mocha89

    I would love to win this ipod nano!

  • Shannon Baas

    Looks good.

  • crownthequeen

    The nano is amazing my friend has one and i need an mp3 player im the only person that doesnt!

  • John OBrien

    Like the simplicity – didn't need the video addition.

  • idahodad7

    My kids have ipods but not me so I have no idea. I just know that they love them and that I dream of having one.

  • giancarloherrera

    The ipod nano 4th gen was a great addition to the family

  • Anonymous

    Had to learn to turn off the shake to change tracks–got too distracting when moving around!

  • Diane Margolis-Baum

    4th generati0n ipod nanosounds very cool and tech savy

  • Penny P

    Would love to win this for my husband, he's all about his ipod.

  • striderico

    i learned how to order online by ordering my kids iphone accessories from griffin….so will it play my vinyl?

  • sasha5113

    Don't HAVE an iPod. Have a friend with a good-looking 4th gen nano. Jealous of friend. Help me, please.

  • Wolvie72

    I love the sleek look of this gen. ******* (edited by @griffintech)

  • eyzofblu63

    I love that the 4th generation has the shake to shuffle option. Never had that on my 1st generation, sounds like a cool feature.
    I can't wait to see what's next for Throwback Thursday

  • Jessie

    I got my father one last year, now it's time for mom to get a chance to shake it up!

  • jst4tim

    I gave my 4th gen Nano to my little sister after hers got stolen. I loved it and would love this one if I won.

  • steveholt2

    Had to learn to turn off the shake to change music feature. Didn't help while running!

  • SwiftTheRedFox

    I ruv small iPods.

  • shelbiejohnston

    I have wanted an ipod forever! Never had one, would love to win this, used or not!)

  • Anonymous

    I’m so far behind the times. Perhaps this would help me catch up ***

  • justme

    Love this generation Nano! Sleek design and easy to use! Now I would like to have this!

  • timbosquad

    I need a new iPod (the 4th Generation Nano would do just fine :D) as the center button on my last one broke.

  • hale2005

    My old ipod that broke couldn't do video. This ipod can do video. That is great!


  • Somebodyme

    I like that it is slimy and so brigty!

  • rachel

    i have never seen one

  • Andrew

    Commented to win!

  • Sue

    Would love to add the 4th gen to my collection!

  • Miracle

    After having children this 4G Ipod Nano..Believe it or not really helped me get back into shape…encouraging me to walk by rocking out to my favorite tunes..and then when i get tired of listening to my plain music..i turn on the radio..If my babies do something and there isnt a camera my ipod will catch it..and not to mention i grabbed it in my favorite color..Purple!!!

  • maweisberg

    would like to win this

  • reddon30

    The whole iPod series has changed the way I listen to music and I now enjoy my music again…Thank you

  • pamela jordan

    the 4th gen was my favorite nano. the 5th seems like it's made of plastic not metal!

  • dsx

    this ipod nano 4th generation is way better than the 5th generation, the camera little camera is really pointless..really

  • Magdalena

    We were going to buy ipod shuffle (2008). Now, this is a chance to win Nano :).
    Fingers crossed :).

  • Michael Parsons

    Love apple

  • jstetson

    This would be a great step up from my original Shuffle. Thanks for the contest/

  • Shawn Lane

    The 4th generation was a nice iPod. I still have my 2nd generation iPod.

  • djsp

    plese sign me up

  • Martha Delgado

    The Ipod nano is awesome. I love all the features, especially the movies that you can tape and play on u tube….. Has to be an awesome electronic to have and play with.


    The 4th Gen iPod Nano is the best…nano, nano!

  • William M.

    I just gave my first gen Nano to my brother for his first iPod. I'd love to have a fourth gen to replace it.

  • wildflower00

    I would Love this. Used or not it would be an upgrade to what I have now

  • OscarM

    cool this would be fun to win.

  • idahomom

    The 4th generation does have all the bells and whistles like camera and video, but hey it is better than nothing which is what I have.

  • Cujo

    Gotta love this great contest. The 4th gen nano rocks – I'd love to win.

  • dadoo5

    The fourth generation is one later than the third generation.




  • lucifowler

    I've never had an iPod, so I guess a used one as the first one would be the way to go!

  • Donald Ward

    Once again my iPod is a great partner. Movies at night when I can't sleep and my favourite music, important for a handicapped senior such as I find myself.

  • Donald Ward

    As a handicapped senior the iPod is a great friend when I can't sleep at night and I also have my favourite music on hand.

  • Mohsin

    I'd love this for school, simply because of it's compact size and the education use for it.

  • Obamanizer

    I think you guys should do the 5th gen iPod classic for next week

  • Karen

    I would love to have a nano. The 4g was supposed to be really good.

  • ky2here

    I love all the ipods. I even like my shuffle which is perfect for jogging. The 4th generation Nano is ideal because it has all that storage and comes in that great green color.

  • Dave Delaney

    You're never too old.

  • Griff

    I loveeddd the colors of the 4th gen. much much more.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have a nano!

  • Al

    I've never owned an iPod before… would love to try this one out!

  • tracyellingson

    Love it. Take in running and to the gym. Very convenient.

  • sms16

    Great device that would be loved and used regularly! Thank you!!

  • chrisn

    I don't have an mp3 player so I would love to have this. It's pretty darn cute.

  • Gianpy

    This is how the iPod should have been kept, its great!

  • Scott Harris

    The 4th gen does everything the 5th does but I can take it places that don't allow camera's!

  • Diana Wood

    I bought a 4th gen iPod Nano for my grand-daughter as soon as they came out and she still loves it. I always wished I had gotten one for myself, too!

  • Richard Hudak

    The oval profile makes it seem more durable than square designs. Shake to shuffle was an innovation that did make it into the iPod Touch. The wide screen seems to make for a great video experience for a small pacakge.

  • hihesha creary

    the ipod nano was the bomb and it still is in my eyes

  • Holly

    I'd love to win..I use an old ipod shuffle and it ain't cutting it anymore!

  • jlafount

    They weigh 1.3oz

  • janna

    It is cute!
    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  • Kathryn Gutierrez

    I love the ipod 4th gen.- I just wish there were some free game downloads available

  • Christina

    I've never had an Ipod before, and from what I've heard from everyone else, this is a good one!

  • Shilo Beedy

    I love the looks of the 4th generation iPod nano and it looks so easy to use.

  • lynn1955

    I lusted for the 4th gen Nano – I had only the 2nd gen. The 4th looked really sleek and cool. I never did get one.

  • Judith

    If I win, I'll be the first generation of my family to own a 4th generation iPod nano.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win this. I need a new ipod

  • rytorres

    iPod Haiku:

    Had a five gig brick,
    First generation iPod.
    I'd love your used one

  • mogrill

    I have never even had my own ipod! Thanks for the chance. ******

  • moondreamer1979

    I have never owned an Ipod. I just look at them in the store and wish LOL. I bought my kids some cheap knockoff at Christmas and they never complained, they are so sweet!

  • Erica C.

    I've only had the shuffle. It doesn't come close to holding the amount of music I need it to. I'd love this, thanks!

  • Megan

    I need one. That's all there is to it. Sad, but true. I've never had an ipod period!

  • cdew

    it's thin so you don't have a big bulky thing in your pocket thats annoying and it lasts forever from the excellent battery life.

  • Jay F.

    My daughter has a 4G Nano – so light.

  • jasmine741

    I would love to win this. I have an Ipod but would love to win this and than give my best friend mine cuz she doesnt have one

  • Kat Emerick

    I have never owned an ipod so any generation would be nice.

  • Pink2

    Sounds like a cool prize

  • zac_man


    I actually have an Iphone so I have no real need for a Nano to be honest. To be perfectly honest though what I would do with it is film a youtube video review (my channel is MegaIphoneReviews, and than I would proceed to do a giveaway of it.

    Of course I would mention I won it from Griffen though!

  • Sherry T

    I'd love to have a nano! I've started training for the San Diego marathon in June and since I gave my ipod classic to a friend (his was stolen from his car!) I think I need to re-“tune” my workout routine to get in shape for this marathon! 26.2 miles and I'm going for a personal best!

  • George Canellis

    Can't wait for throwback iPads to show up. 😉

  • Brian Ramlakhan

    the other day my mom came to me and asked me for my old samsung mp3 player sadly it was broken because i stopped using it when i got my ipod touch so this would be so cool if i won.

  • Angela Winesburg

    Who needs video with this baby! Its better than what I got! :) Thanks!

  • ambreprn

    4th generation iPod nano's are great!

  • Jammie

    Everyone have music devices but me would love to win even if it is used. :)

  • Daniel M

    always wanted an ipod, don't know much about the diff gen's

  • Jodie M.

    I would love to win this! I have never had an iPod, but I've always wanted one.

  • amy d

    my daughters 7th birthday is in 2 weeks and i cant afford this for her

  • rogerdeming

    would love to win one of these

  • macpug

    My niece begged me to enter for her. This is, oddly, the only iPod variant I haven't owned at some point. Great idea for Throwback Thursdays! Cheers!

  • Susan

    I don't have an iPod so this would be great to win.

  • ryanima7

    I'd love that nano

  • LindaKish

    It comes in a great selection of colors.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  • TX_Jen1634

    I would love to win this to give to my mom for mother's day!! She only has an old 1GB sony player. This would be so cool for her!

  • lilshuga2001

    LOVE it! its so light!!! Yay!

  • Carolsue

    I have one of the very first iPods and it is dying. I'd love the updated version — the 4th Generation Nano!

  • gkran

    I don't have an ipod at all so this would be great!

  • Ardy22

    I love that it has 8GB capacity. Wow!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  • Sand

    I've had the first and second generation nano and I have the most recent generation shuffle which has as much memory as the 2nd gen nano. Frankly, the new shuffle sucks as the controls are on the earpiece. I think they need to go back to the previous generation and make it more user friendly.

  • Justine417

    The 4th generation comes in the best colors in town including orange which is my fave 😀

  • vh5150

    4th gen was better designed than 5th gen.

  • marygoodwyn

    I would love to have an ipod nano, it would keep me entertained during the 10 hours a week that I wait for my daughter in dance classes.

  • joannaonthelake

    I have been wanting a iPod Nano for the longest time. If I had my choice of any of them, the 4th generation would be my top choice because of its sleek design. But I would be happy just owning one, especially now that the nice weather is finally here and we would have the ability to enjoy videos while out on our boat, not a fancy boat, but just hanging out in it on the lake and kicking back with some cool videos sounds like heaven on earth to me! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • thomashoh

    I'm the only family member without one but I have no need for an ipod that can hold 1,000 songs. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  • garrettsambo

    The 4th generation iPof nano sounds great. I haven't had an iPod. All I know about them are what I see from my daughter and other young people who have them.

  • abailey

    Time for me to catch up with the rest of the world and get my first iPod!

  • lilyk

    The 4th generation iPod nano sounds very nice. Thanks for the great contest!

  • donnak4

    My daughter really wants one.

  • dvice

    We like the fourth generation iPod nano but like the older ones too

  • ladcraig

    My son would love an Ipod Nano. I agree that the colors are beautiful.

  • kathypease

    i have never heard of it :(

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    I'd like to get this for my dad

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks for entering.

  • Dave Delaney

    Wow! You have me seriously craving a camping trip now. Good luck.

  • Dave Delaney

    That may be some time from now :)

  • Dave Delaney

    Wow Sherry! Keep us posted on your progress. Best of luck to you!

  • Dave Delaney

    Wow Sherry! Keep us posted on your progress. Best of luck to you!

  • Dave Delaney

    Congratulations Elaine! You were selected as the first winner of our Throwback Thursday giveaway.

    Please email me daved at griffintechnology dot com with your shipping address.


  • Chad

    Never had a 4th gen Nano.